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Top 10 Business Problems, Great Coaching Topics for Entrepreneurs

I've compiled a list of my top 10 business problems for young entrepreneurs. This should help you find a topic for coaching. And if you don't have any of these problems, wow. Good for you!

These problems will not have quick and easy solutions but they can go away if you are willing to "take them on".

So here goes, starting from number ten. Drum roll please...

  1. Results Not as Planned - You plan and prepare with great diligence but the results just don't pan out the way you expected.

  2. Anger & Frustration - You can't seem to control your anger. You know it's destructive, you try to bite your tongue, and it keeps coming up and causing all sorts of problems.

  3. Fighting - The employees, business partners, and other people around you always seem to be bickering and can't seem to get along.

  4. You're Down in the Dumps - You feel depressed about your business. You're an optimistic person but you're finding yourself getting down and it's affecting others.

  5. Delegation Sucks - Tasks you give to others never get done or are poorly done. You're always tempted to do it yourself.
And now, into the top 5 business problems... Oh the suspense...

  1. No Faith - Your friends and family think you're nuts. They want you to get a normal job and it's frustrating.

  2. Marketing Failure - Your attempts at marketing and selling aren't working. Where's the money?

  3. Distractions - You are easily distracted by what others are doing. You have a difficult time staying focused with all the enticing things that are in front of you. You need to Get Focused.

  4. It Feels Like Work - You were so excited when you started and now your business feels like work. You need to Get Inspired again.

Finally, what you've been waiting for... the number one business problem!

That which trumps all other business problems and can destroy the greatest entrepreneurial undertakings...


  1. You're Tempted to Quit!!! - Your persistence and diligence is being tested. You occasionally think about hanging up the entrepreneurial hat but you know there is so much more to be gained. You must Get Going.

Do any of these business problems apply to you? If so, what have you got to lose? If you are ready for a coaching sample session to start solving your business problems, click here. It's free. There is no obligation. And it would be my pleasure.

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