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It is common for coaches to offer free coaching sample sessions.

Since coaching is a relatively new profession (unlike long-toothed professions like law and psychiatry), you may have questions about the industry. Also, you may not be completely familiar with how coaching works. I've tried to outline the tangible benefits that you can get from coaching in this website but nothing beats the real thing.

Feel free to call me for a coaching sample session and to ask me any questions. I am willing to book up to a 30 minute complimentary session with you. There is no obligation.

I'm happy to help out, answer questions, and get you going!

How a Coaching Sample Session Works

In a coaching sample session, we start by selecting a topic. What do you want to get coaching on? The agenda for the call is always up to you. You get to choose. Read my top ten list of things to get coaching on for some ideas.

Pick a topic that has some meaning to you. I don't want to coach you on a trivial issue that you can easily resolve on your own. And when you choose a topic, make sure you are ready for a coaching sample session. It's not for everyone.

Once the topic is selected, I will begin the coaching right away. I will start by asking you questions that get the conversation going. Keep in mind that I don't need to know a lot of background information. If there is a situation with your company, I don't need to know all of the story or the "he said", "she said" stuff. Just give me the bottom line.

Somewhat surprisingly, giving the bottom line of an issue can be a challenge for some. But don't worry, it's my job to keep you to the point. I don't want to waste your time.

The object, after 15 minutes or so, is to challenge you to commit to some BOLD new actions. Something to create results.

An Accountability Call

Like the heading says, I like to schedule a second, much shorter, follow-up call within the week. That way, I can hold your feet to the fire. Are you feeling a bit nervous about that? If you are, good. You'll get better results that way. It means you are ready to make changes.

Last but not least, I like to leave you with an inquiry. This is a contemplative question that you can ponder while out on a walk or eating breakfast. It might be something like "What can you do to double the value derived by your clients?". Or it might be something more ethereal like "who are you becoming?".

Don't worry, it will be in context with the conversation and you always get a chance to agree to it or change it. If the inquiry doesn't carry enough "oompf" to keep you thinking, then we'll find one that does.

It Worked For Me I'm a pensive kind of guys so I remember my first coach gave me inquiries that really got me thinking. I took them very seriously even if at first they seemed weird. "This is NOT normal homework", I thought.

How to Contact Me?

Feel free to call me at (604)375-7564 or contact me with this contact form that sends me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Get focused, get inspired, get going! Start today.


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Stephan Wiedner
Youngblood Coaching
Phone: (604)375-7564

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