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Practical Coaching Skills to
Solve Business Communication Problem

Coaching skills are advanced communication skills. In the western world, we tend to think of communication skills as public speaking or some other form of conveying information from us (the speakers) to others (the listeners) which has its limitations.

Look at this Chinese proverb I found. (I don't know the author)

Wisdom Way Street Sign
“A wise old owl sat on an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why aren't we like that wise old bird?”

There's wisdom in listening. And there is wisdom in putting others first.

The Benefits of Coaching Skills

Coaching skills can be used in many business settings, especially if you have partners, employees or clients you speak with regularly.

Have you ever gotten frustrated working with other people? Have you ever experienced business communicate problems in a board room? It can be pretty uncomfortable and unproductive.

What about getting the most from others around you? Do you see potential in others that is unfulfilled and if you could just learn to communicate with them better, your business would be better off?

Coaching skills can help overcome these business communication problems and so much more.

  • Become a better communicator
  • Learn to be a great listener to gain respect and build rapor with the people around you
  • Diffuse and solve problems before they become costly
  • Discover how to motivate the people around you
  • Build stronger business alliances and partnerships

Use a Coach Approach - Practical Coaching Skills

Here is a quick list of some of the key coaching skills that you can try to use. Where possible, I have created some exercises to help you develop these skills and in general, improve your ability to solve business communication problems.

A word of caution - It is often helpful to ask for permission to use coaching skills. Also, these skills are particularly valuable if you are in a mastermind group or have an accountability buddy.

  1. Powerful Questions - I think there's some ancient proverb that states something like "a smart man gives answers, a wise man asks questions". It's not quite right but the point is that asking questions forces the other person to think for him or herself and the learned lesson can be stronger. Click here to learn more about the coaching skills of asking powerful questions.

  2. Curiosity - This is similar to powerful questions but different. Think of curiosity like a bunch of small jabs whereas powerful questions are the knock-out punches. Click here to learn more about the coaching skill of curiosity.

  3. Active Listening - Conversation is more than words spoken between two people. Listen to the words being spoken and learn to notice what's not being said. Click here to learn more about active listening skill.

  4. Self-Management - Guess what, not every conversation is about you. Learn to get out of the way and not always try to be the hero and fix everything. As a man, I know this is often my default setting.

  5. Bottom-Lining - Cut out the fluff. Tell me what I need to know. Enough said?

  6. See The Good in Others - You'll find what you look for. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, as you see the good in others, it will eventually come out in them.

  7. Challenging Others - Many people are naturally competitive and a little challenge can go a long way to get results and build their confidence. It's a win-win situation.

Where to Get More Coach Training?

You may be interested in getting more coaching skills training. While the Internet is a good medium for presenting information (as I've tried to do here), the best way to learn coaching skills is in a test laboratory with other people.

There are lots of coach training programs out there and I believe some of them will offer introductory programs for non-coaches. If you do a search on coach training programs, you'll find lots. The other place to start looking is the International Coach Federation. They have a list of certified coaching schools and programs. Peer Resources also has a valuable directory of coaching resources from schools to literature to blogs.

The other alternative is to hire a coach. If you hire a certified coach, you should be able to ask them to teach you and give you opportunity to practice the skills. I've done this with some of my clients and while it gives them tools to overcome business communication problems, it also helps them get more value from their own coaching.

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