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What is the Definition of Karma?
How does Karma Work?

What is the definition of karma?

This is a great question and one that I try to answer in the next four pages. I give valid examples of how you can incorporate the principles of karma into your business and life.

The Four Laws of Karma

Click on the links below to read about each of the four laws of karma. Buddha Fat Smiling Karma The First Law of Karma - If you want positive results in your business and life, you need to cause others to have positive results.

The Second Law of Karma - To make up for bad karma, you don't need to be Ghandi or Mother Theresa. Just have nice thoughts and do simple acts.

The Third Law of Karma - If you never do good things, you'll never have good things done to you.

The Fourth Law of Karma - All the mean, self-serving things you do will come back to get you. Even if nobody witnesses them.

Karma in Understandable Terms

This article draws on many parallels between gardening and life. Learn how seeds and weeds are a great metaphor to explain the karma definition.

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