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The Story of my Bob Dylan Inspired Video

An entrepreneur on the web can target a very narrow market effectively and economically. I always knew that there were huge opportunities and if I wanted to be successful, I had to be an entrepreneur on the web.

For a couple years I had been learning more and more about creating websites and the technology behind them. I focused on the building blocks and not the bigger picture.

When I stumbled across Site Build It, I knew I had found a tool that was different. SBI is in-line with what I have learnt about the definition of karma and other eastern philosophies that prescribe giving first, helping others, and in general, being a "good" person/entrepreneur.

Site Build It is perfect for someone with a specific, narrow niche. As a coach, in a competitive industry, I knew this was MY solution for becoming a successful entrepreneur. On the web, I can reach my audience, even if there are only a couple people in each major city interested in my entrepreneurial, eastern influenced, coaching services.

Then Along Comes the Video Contest

Site Build It, being the win-win, tao thinkers they are, put out a "Why I love SBI" video contest.

Since there are many great reasons to love SBI, I created this Bob Dylan inspired video (shown below). And really, at the root of it, I think my final line says it best...

"Whatever! It works"

But before you watch my video...

...you can read the lyrics, if you are interested, to my song "Subdomainian Website Blues", by clicking here.

And, if you want to learn more about Site Build It and how you can use it to become an "entrepreneur on the web", check out their little video tour. (Be patient it takes a few seconds to load.)

Subdomain(ian) Website Blues, by Stephan Wiedner

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