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7 Steps to Overcome Obstacles
and Turn Them into Opportunities

How do you overcome obstacles in business?

All the great people in this world have overcome challenges to be where they are. What's so special about Ghandi, Oprah, or Donald Trump? The fact is, each one of these individuals has a powerful belief that keeps them going. They made an impact by turning their challenges and obstacles into opportunities.

Since we are all unique individuals, you need to find a belief that works for you.

Here are seven steps you can take to find a powerful belief and overcome obstacles. This is an exercise so it helps if you answer the questions. Grab a pen and paper and make some notes.

  1. What is your greatest business challenge? What are your greatest obstacles? Write your answers down and we'll come back to them. FYI: Here is a list I created of top 10 business problems.

  2. Name a hero. Shift the perspective away from you for a minute and choose a hero you admire. Pick someone you know like your father or a famous stranger like Warren Buffet. It doesn't matter. Just pick someone with whom you are familiar. Imagine stepping into their shoes.

  3. What's the hero's story. What were the challenges faced by this person and how did they overcome them. In building the story, answer these three questions:
    1. what were the challenges faced by this person,
    2. what did the hero do to overcome the challenges, and
    3. what did this person have to tell him/herself to persist. What was her mantra, whether conscious or unconscious?

  4. What is the hero's "what could have been" story - Okay, we get that your hero overcame some challenges. What if the hero didn't overcome the challenges? What would the hero have done differently. Make some brief notes.

  5. What's a reaffirming statement for you? Now back to you. Knowing that you have challenges and obstacles, what mantra or reaffirming statement could you create for yourself? Imagine your hero being in your situation. Actors can do this well. It's a skill in empathy and imagination. What would it be like to be in your hero's shoes? What lesson would this person give you?

  6. What steps could you take? Now that you have a reaffirming statement, what are some possible action steps? Don't worry, you haven't made any commitments yet. Feel free to list off as many items as you would like.

  7. What will you do by when? The real test. Time for action. This is where coaching gets tough and holds you accountable. Of the possibilities you selected in step 6, what will you do?

If you've diligently gone through the exercise, there is some learning here for you. And you've got some homework. That is what coaching is all about.

Get focused, get inspired, get going!

Entrepreneur carrying lap top - get going

Something to Think About Before you go, here are a couple of inquiries to lock in the learning.
  1. What's your story?
  2. What kind of hero are you becoming?

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