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Tips on where to find Vancouver Coaches

Vancouver coaches who are scattered across the Lower Mainland from Vancouver to Chilliwack. The west coast is a hot-bed for life and business coaching. The Vancouver chapter of the International Coach Federation has over 200 members and there are probably another 200 non-member coaches operating in the area.

If you live near Vancouver and are searching for local coaches, you have quite a few to choose from. Here's where I suggest you find a coach.

  1. icfvancouver.org - This is the website for the Vancouver chapter of the ICF and it has a directory of all its member coaches. Members come from as far east of Vancouver as Chilliwack.

  2. vancouver coaches.com - This website lists a directory of co-active coaches who are trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest coaching school in the world. Aside for being trained by CTI, there are no specific requirements to enlist on this website; however, my opinion is that most of the coaches listed are of the highest quality. Most have been around for a number of years and have been at one time or the other, active in the community, contributing to the advancement of coaching for the benefit of all other Vancouver coaches.

  3. VIcoaches.com - This is the website for Victoria coaches. If you live in Victoria or on Vancouver Island, you may want to find a coach in your area.

  4. coachfederation.com - This is the website of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and contains over 14,000 member coaches. There is a coach search system and it is the most comprehensive listing of coaches. If you want you can search by geographic area to find coaches in Vancouver but you may prefer to search by specialization instead.

  5. Coaching Schools - The most notable coaching schools in the lower mainland are Erickson College erickson.edu and Royal Roads University (RRU - www.royalroads.ca). Erickson specializes in neurolinguistic programming and RRU specializes in business & executive coaching. You can seek their websites for contact information of alumni coaches.

  6. Personal Recommendation - Feel free to drop me a note or pick up the phone and I could make a personal suggestion. I'd be happy to give you a few names of Vancouver coaches depending on what you are looking for. I served on the Vancouver ICF board for two years and got to know quite a few coaches along the way, ranging from spiritual coaches to executive business coaches. You may also drop me a note using the contact form.
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